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What is Biodanza?
The Dance of Life

15 questions – Is Biodanza for me?

The aim of Biodanza is to help the individual, through music, movement and group situations, to discover and explore their personal potential for full happiness and good health.

Here are 15 questions you can ask yourself when considering practicing Biodanza.

1. How is my energy level? Do I have the energy to do the things I want to do every day?
2. How is my general health?
3. How do I demonstrate that I like myself?
4. How do I take care of my appearance?
5. How satisfied am I with my relationships?
6. How is my level of loneliness?
7. How do I communicate? Do I know how to express my feelings and thoughts?
8. How do I spend my time? Do I take care of others and leave myself last? Would I like to balance this?
9. How is love expressed in my life? Would I like to give and receive love in a more balanced way?
10. How do I solve problems? Do I resolve conflicts and face challenges with ease?
11. How do I express myself in new situations? Does my shyness keep me from doing the things I would like to do?
12. How is my anxiety level?
13. How is my quality of sleep?
14. How do I feel about life? Do I wake up in the morning feeling like the day could be full of possibilities for happiness and joy?
15. Would I like to move my body more in a fun and harmonious way?

People who practice Biodanza share that each of these aspects of their lives are transformed in ways that improve their overall quality of life and general level of happiness and satisfaction.

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Biodanza is a path to finding the pleasure in living, a system that favors human development through integrative experiences induced by music and movement. It is a form of dance therapy,  as it stimulates positive changes in our quality of life.

The system was created by Rolando Toro, a Chilean psychologist and anthropologist, inspired by anthropological and ethological sources, and based on biology.

Biodanza aims to improve health and communication and stimulates creativity and existential renewal. Its methodology includes five areas which work together to create an integrated experience: Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity, and Transcendence.

Vitality in Biodanza is linked to motivation for living, energy available for action, lifestyle, the capacity for well-being. Motor coordination, the proper functioning of our biological systems, hormonal balance, and positivity, playfulness, and a good mood.

Sexuality in Biodanza stimulates our natural charisma and the human desire to feel good. Practicing Biodanza opens channels for learning to dance life in a pleasurable way.

Creativity in Biodanza cultivates our ability to innovate, build experience and express ourselves in life. It helps us adapt to changes or make changes happen.

Affectivity in Biodanza nurtures our ability to create loving bonds. It provides experiences such as expressing friendship and giving and receiving affection, which replenish or reinforce the feeling of being deserving of love and capable of expressing love, building more self-confidence.

Transcendence builds a connection with Nature, the feeling of belonging to the Universe, to Totality.

Classes integrate all these areas, and students practicing Biodanza are able to fully enjoy its benefits, improving the quality of their individual and interpersonal life experiences.



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